Demystifying Polyamory – a workshop

Category: 4-dimensional
You’re curious. You’ve seen polyamory work for couples, but you have no idea HOW it works. You’ve also seen it falter and insist on avoiding mistakes others have made. Or perhaps you’ve tried it, but can’t seem to find the groove. Come learn some answers to the questions you’ve been dying to ask, and grow a little in your heart-space as well. Any relationship status welcome. All that is required is an open heart, and a desire to learn and master another paradigm of relating. ♥

* Uncover emotional blocks & deepen your understanding of your fears and desires regarding relationships.

* Discover the key elements of a healthy and thriving polyamorous existence.

* Learn tools for clearer communicating with your lover(s) and dealing with jealousy.

* Experience the freedom that your heart knows is its due, and the joys of the most neglected of human emotions: Compersion.

* Hear the answers to many frequently asked questions, and have the opportunity to ask your less obvious and sometimes difficult questions.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012 
ClouD9 – 1320 9th St.  Berkeley, CA  94710
$35 pre-sale, $40 at the door.