Lacuna Dancer – Work in Progress


18″ x 24″ | Acrylic on canvas

My husband (Michael Divine) recently co-taught a workshop with the inimitable Amanda Sage called “Illunimnating the Vision” at the Brewery Arts Complex in Los Angeles.  I began this piece there, worked on it at a painting party over at Amanda’s, and shared the results of 4 days with the other workshop attendees.

A lacuna is a gap or a void, and ballerinas often show up in my drawings as a symbol for the places in my memory that are completely unavailable to my conscious investigations.  Lacuna is looking for the keys to the doors in my psyche.

I continue to work on this piece, like many others, when I am inspired. It has progressed from the imagery here, but I have not yet been able to capture a satisfactory image of where it’s at presently. My apologies for the poor photo.