Horn Headdresses

Many years ago while traveling in Peru, I came across a woman in a village selling beautifully carved rain-sticks adorned with real goat horns.  In the best Spanish I could muster I asked her about them, and she told me that her family had been herding goats for as long as anyone could remember there in the Andes Mountains.  I asked her if she would sell any of the horns to me so I could make things with them as well, and she told me to come back later that evening and she would have some for me.  When I returned, I was astonished to find she had brought three large bags filled with them.  I picked out the ten nicest pairs I could find matches for, and have made numerous head-dresses out of them.  I use multiple colors of clay to sculpt the bases out of, and fashion them with leather straps.  They are each made specially for the head that will wear them, taking skin tone and hair color into consideration.  Of the ten pairs of goat horns I originally bought in Peru, there is only one left waiting for someone to claim them as their own.  Will it be you that commissions the last pair?

I have also been commissioned to fashion headdresses out of various horns that people have brought to me.  I’ve worked with orynx, deer antler, and small mystery horns from an unknown animal.  I have several pairs of small antlers also waiting to be claimed. Use the Contact link above if you’re interested.

making horns